Camera Support for all SLR Cameras.Easy to use. Easy to pack away!
Easy to pack away!

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Night Photography
The Camera Stabilising Bag offers a secure, level camera platform. This enables you to take those long exposures without lugging a tripod. You can set up your camera on the Camera Stabilising Bag and use your time exposure settings or a cable release and the The Camera Stabilising Bag will give you stunning long exposed night pictures that are sharp and level. Just because you don’t like travelling with the weight of a tripod you now don’t have to sacrifice giving up those perfect night time memories.
Sunset Shots
You will also be able to shoot the perfect sunset! No need to try to balance your expensive camera on your damp beach towel whilst on holiday and wanting to capture that amazing sunset. You can now take that postcard sunset with all those rich saturated colours that you see with the eye by using the camera stabilising bag to create a safe and level platform for you to capture that memory forever!
Self-Portraits - Group Shots
When travelling alone you would often find yourself in a position that you wish you could be in some of your shots, well now you can! The days of returning home getting you holiday prints and you don’t feature in them once are finished! Why stop there? If you are with a group of friends you can now capture everyone in that all important group shot; without trying to balance your expensive camera in a dangerous position or on a jumper. The Camera Stabilising Bag will support, protect and achieve everything that you wish to capture.
Safari (Africa) Photography – Protective Surface
Tens of thousands of people every year travel to game parks on safari. Shooting animals in their natural environment is extremely satisfying for anybody that enjoys taking photographs. But it also comes at a cost. Every year amateur photographers damage lens and camera body’s on truck windows/ or protective bars while trying to shoot animals on the move! The Camera Stabilising Bag will allow you to rest the lens in the lens in the lens cradle protecting it from getting damaged from that unexpected pot hole in the road!
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