Camera Support for all SLR Cameras.Easy to use. Easy to pack away!
Easy to pack away!

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What exactly is the Camera Stabilizing Bag?
The Camera Stabilising Bag is a hardwearing water resistant nylon bag that has a lens cradle which moulds to your camera giving an ideal safe and level platform.

What camera’s will work on the Camera Stabilising Bag?
The Camer Stabilising Bag will support all brands of SLR camera’s. Whether its an old silver 35mm film Nikon to the newest digital Canon SLR! You can also use many medium format camera’s from Hasselblads to Mamiya’s.

Can the Camera Stabilising Bag support from a standard lens to a long zoom lens?
Yes it can! The lens cradle is a separate compartment and can be filled or empied to create the right hight and shape for your lens. In the case of zoom lenses your camera body can sit further back on the bag, so then lens cradle support the weight of the zoom lens.

Why wouldn’t I use a tripod?
The Camera Stabilising Bag is simply the perfect portable lightweight SLR camera platform. It can be used in areas tripods are not allowed! Its lightweight, packs into its inbuilt portable pouch, great in small spaces where a tripod would be too large. Good for ground level photography low angles. You can setup on nearly any surface from fence posts, rocks, car roofs, tree’s ….the opportunities are unless!

How does it pack away into its pouch?
Easy! After emptying the two compartments unpack the travel pouch at the back, fold the waterproof pouch over the bag. It reverses itself into the pouch! Pull the elastic draw string tight and it’s the size and weight of a tennis ball!

What filling can be used inside the Camera Stabilising Bag?
You can fill the Camera Stabilising Bag with rice, beans, dirt, compost, sand, hemp, gravel, just about anything at hand!

Do you fill the compartments completely full?
No. We recommend that you don’t completely fill it so that the bag has flexibility to mould to unlevel surfaces. The lens compartment should be filled to desired level depending on lenses etc...

Is the Camera Stabilising Bag a good gift?
Yes, It’s a great present for anyone who enjoys photography.

Does the Camera Stabilising Bag come with a warranty?
Its covered by a one year manufacturers warranty against defects.

What are the specifications of the Camera Stabilising Bag?
When full 22cm (L) X 21cm (W) X 6cm (D). Weight depends on filling. When in travel pouch its similar size and weight of a tennis ball-125grams.

What’s the Camera Stabilising Bag made of?
A hardwearing water resistant nylon, its lightweight, durable and tough. Mildew and stain resistant yet the nylon moulds to your camera giving an ideal safe and protective level platform.

Is the Camera Stabilising Bag better than a plastic bag full of dirt?
Yes, It offers you an inbuilt lens cradle along with a strong nylon non slippery platform. Plastic bags rip and dirt always seems to get everywhere. Why not try it out for yourself!

How do I wash the Camera Stabilising Bag?
You can clean the bag by brushing off any dirt or machine wash on a cold setting. Hand wash but don’t bleach or iron.

How can I become a reseller of the Camera Stabilising Bag?
Any trade enquiries are welcomed and we’d be delighted to hear from companies wishing to join the ever growing chain of resellers. Contact us on
Camera Stabilising Bag
Camera Stabilising Bag
Camera Stabilising Bag
Camera Stabilising Bag
Camera Stabilising Bag
Camera Stabilising Bag
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